Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Granado Espada E-Games Domination II

by Craeon Family

I was recognized as one of the Bloggers of Trinity at Granado Espada's E-Games Domination II Party!!!

Sorry guys for being away for a few months now. I've been out of town for school purposes and family reasons. I think I missed out many updates in GE. Now, there are new items, characters, etc. And I also missed out this E-Games Domination II party which surprisingly, I won a certificate from GE. It's a shame that I missed the chance to attend it. I bet it was loads of fun!! I do hope I can still get the certificate in your office or some sort. It'll be a great token for my passion for the game. I am still pre-occupied as of the moment but I can't help myself blogging this recognition. Who wouldn't right?!

Thanks a million to Hrin and Veya for choosing me as one of the selected bloggers of trinity. It really is an honor and I do appreciate it a lot especially in these times of uber stress attacks because of immensely hectic schedules.

Below is the announcement of grantees in Veya's Site and the GE official site:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Thanks Again!! More Power and God Bless!!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

I Won A Community Crew Organized Event in the GE Forums!!

by Craeon Family

The Community Crew of Granado Espada in its official forums have organized a Halloween Event / Contest. Participants will make a short script not to exceed 20 lines. Of course there are still other requirements and qualifications. By chance I tried my luck in this event.

Here is my short entry...
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Here is the official announcement of the winners...
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Here are some comments...
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Thanks to Sam, BlackSheep, ShenLou and all the other community crew who have chosen my entry and also to all those who liked the entry. ^^ For this, I won 3 Forgotten Territory Passes!! So in addition to the free Forgotten Territory Passes earlier given by IAH and GE, i got another set. Nice!! I therefore conclude that these events are actually true and not a scam promotion. =D I think I'll be addicted to this coz it has insane spawn rate and so when I go out of the Forgotten Territory, the normal maps feels to be spawning uber slow. lol.

Thanks Again and More Power!!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I've Been Blogspotted by Hrin!!

by Craeon Family

Finally, I've got my very first divine angel wings!! Yeah!!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Thanks Hrin! And also the other officials for noticing my blog! ^^

Special thanks to Ninemoons for her contest regarding blogspotting our favorite rNPCs because I've managed to regain my interests in blogging despite busy schedules. I did not won her contest which gives away divine angel wings as well but it challenged me to write again (or in this case blog again), one of my greatest frustrations.

Special shout out also to my big brother, known as Ellipsis in Carraci Server, for the support both in-game and out. He's the one who told me the news coz I've been busy at school.

Also, to my faction, HuntorHunted of Carraci, which was my first faction in GE. The members are accomodating and quite friendly. The faction events also make me strive harder in GE although I have hectic schedules in school.

Hope to be blogspotted again. ~_^

Saturday, October 13, 2007

R.I.P. Botters?!

by Craeon Family


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Goodbye Botters!? I Do Hope So!

I define B.O.T.S as Band Of ThieveS. Yes! And when I say thieves it can be literally be deemed as thieves! Why do I say that? It can be explained in two concepts. First, it takes away, without consent from Granado Espada Team, undue profits for their extra-curricular acts of money-making trade for the game. I believe that it took millions to conceptualize and implement the game and it would be unjust to gain profits therein without consent of the owner of the game. Second, it takes away the enjoyment of the REAL GE PLAYERS because of their bot programs taking over your spots, kill stealing, etc.

It is very nice to hear that GE had a bot busting squad trying to obliterate the pesky bots. Well, I am personally mad about bots! It is unfair to us REAL PLAYERS what they are doing. Hence, I commend GE Officials for that. As Hrin have said, it would entail additional costs for the 24/7 bot busting operation. Well, I tell you Mistress Hrin, all the efforts of the GE Team are very well appreciated! And truly, I can safely say that the bots have been minimized as compared to the past weeks. So keep it going and probably it can effect in eradicating them completely. I will even help you guys!! And I'm sure my fellow GE gamers will also help. Right Guys?

Well, Let me be the one to say, in behalf of all GE Players, that still there are many bots roaming around GE. But as I have said, it was minimized somehow. A good example was the Rion Prairie Map in all channels. For the past weeks, this map was loaded with bots usually muskeeters and scouts rampaging and kill stealing at everyone. But now, I seldom see them their. In fact, Rion Prairie is now a good spot leveling 60+. In addition, I think it happened several weeks ago, that when my brother and I were playing together, my brother come to meet an in-game GM (I think its a flying wizard) that asks where the bots are. Then, they'll ask questions and responses from the alleged bots and after failure of such response, they disappear. We presumed that it was already banned or something. Nevertheless, these are some of the reasons why I say that we do appreciate the efforts of the GE Team. You efforts are not in vain!


Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

The Truth Shall Set Us Free

With regards to the establisment of Bot Courts, it is my personal opinion that it would really be effective if implemented properly. And so, count my vote for its establishment! In my almost 2 years of study at law school, rendering proper judgments have been the dilemas of many judges. I truly agree. It is really hard to determine who is innocent. I am actually excited with the idea of a set-up of prosecution versus defense counsel like the real life court room set-up. Can I apply as the prosecuting officers of GE? =P Well, my question here is how do you implement it? How and where do we present evidences? Who will be the judge or jury? I know it is still an idea in progress, but I hope you can execute it properly for the benefit of many innocent players. Because I do agree with some that there may be suspected botters who may be convicted and banned but is actually innocent.

As many judges have pointed out, "It is better to release hundreds of criminals than to convict one innocent person!"

For this, I have a few suggestions:
[] Develop a site for this set-up with:
a. online chat to enable real-time question and answer of defense and prosecution to the witnesses
b. messaging boards so there be a public trial where the wirnesses' testimonies and other evidences are put online as well as other updates of the case; allow separate access by the defense & prosecution.
c. I propose 1 week for the trial and then render judgment based on the merits.
d. I suggest that if it is a jury, appoint 10 GE players from different servers so as to be unbiased with the decision.
e. I suggest that if it be a judge, it be Mistress Hrin. But the decision must be based on the facts presented and the merits of the case.
*I think a mix of judge-jury decision can be implemented and used depending on the circumstances of every case.
f. the judgment is appealable within another 1 week to present further evidence. If the judge-jury is not satisfied then the judgment becomes final and executory. The penalty will be served! Justice prevails!


note: with this set-up though, it would clogged up the bot courts fast! but nevertheless, it is better than render judgment without due process.

>what do you think guys? put up a comment. It's just my one cent of opinion. It's open to scrutiny.

Saturday, September 29, 2007


by Craeon Family

"Education is One of the Best Treasure We Can Pass Unto You."
-our parents

These are the words we most often hear from our parents with regards to our schooling and education. Well, I truly agree! Education is the best foundation to any person to whatever direction in life he/she would tackle.

Indeed, I can personally say that schooling is one tough job! Yes, if our parents have their jobs, we have it too. It is quite tedious and frustrating at times but you must agree with me that ONE OF THE BEST, MEMORABLE, FUNNY, SAD, EXCITING, LOVE MOMENTS, AND OTHER SPECIAL TIMES OF OUR LIVES HAPPENED DURING OUR SCHOOLING. Meet New Classmates. Found New Friends. Listen to cool professors. Gimiks. Parties. Get togethers. Doing Projects. Review Sessions. Bum. Eating together. The laughs. Computer game tournaments. Stroll. Kulitans. Anticipation of your final grades. Oh so many more!! I'm actually teary eyed remembering those times. And so I can safely say that I don't regret going to school. I am actually thankful for the privilege of having to study at good schools and experience all of these and more.

I am not your typical nerdy bookish student. I am actually a happy go lucky dude with high respect and value for education. Evidently, I am wisely addicted to online games. The recent source of my wise addiction, Granado Espada. Also, I do attend gimik parties, trippings, outdoor sports, and other fun stuffs with family, schoolmates and friends. But I make sure that my schooling won't be harshly affected by my not so extra-curricular activities. The key here is TIME MANAGEMENT and PRIORITIZING.

Time management entails a tough decision of slicing your time to accomodate as many activities as you can. It is really easy to say I will manage my time. But frustratingly, it is hard! ..really hard! I know one way or the other you guys tried it as well. And perhaps most often than not, you failed and gave up. Well, I did too as well. But giving up should not be in our vocabulary. Those who give up easily do not accomplish anything. I am a law student which eats most of my time but through time management, I can still happily and addictively play Granado Espada with my real-life friends and online faction mates. Do your responsibilities for school as soon as possible so as not to flood you with overwhelming things to do in such limited time. Trust me, I'm really good in cramming. But I'm at my best when I'm not. For example, when, doing your homework, AFK train your characters. (don't use bots ok?!) You are already multi-tasking and saving up time right. Then, after your done with your home work, go level with your friends, explore the maps and monsters, do quests and have a great time online. Afterall, you did your job as a student. You desereve the break. In addition, I would definitely not advise cutting classes to play Granado Espada. That's a big NO NO! Yes, you gain experience points but you lose a part of your wisdom. Here comes the prioritizing part. Prioritize the important matters in your life. I know Granado Espada is one of the most important things in our lives, I agree with you to that. No question or debate about that. But schooling should also be our top priority. Because actually, if you handle them effectively, it will generate into a cool lifestyle.


>You earn good education from school. Praises from your parents and teachers. Medals if you work even harder. And the ever expanding of long list of knowledge and skills.

>You have a worth-it break from schooling by playing Granado Espada. You improve socially and emotionally by interacting and chatting with your online friends. You can easily talk and explain your thoughts because you already learned that in school. And so many more perks.

Schooling + Granado Espada = One CooL Lifestyle

For Hrin and other Granado Espada Officials:
Maybe, just maybe, a few more patch updates and Granado Espada officials will notice this Cool Lifestyle of ours and probably implement a reward system for well balanced student/GE players like us - doing an outstanding job at school and a well-earned reputation at Granado Espada. Yes, my loud voice and vote for this suggestion. ^^ But for now, it is simply satisfying and fulfilling to know that we are doing well at school (making our parents happy and proud) while we are enjoying Granado Espada in the other side. It's a win-win suggestion from me to you! You'll see that your parents will even support you playing Granado Espada because they see no hindrance from the game to your studies. It worked for me. Maybe it will work for you too.

I graduated with flying colors with a college degree from one of the best universities in our country. And now currently pursuing Law studies. All at the same time enjoying my wise addiction, Granado Espada - my stress reliever, imagination expander, confidence booster, social integrator and fun promoter.

Photo Archives:

Serious Stuffs During School Hours
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Students at Play Outside School Hours
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

The Output After Years of Hard Work and Play (CooL LifeStyle)
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

P.S. Thanks to my parents for paying my fees in school and providing my needs. Also to my brother who is always my immediate buddy in playing Granado Espada. My real-life friends for the endless laughter both in-game and off-game. My faction, HuntorHunted Faction from Carraci Server. Especially, Hrin, Veya and other GE officials who make sure that GE have tons of great in-game and off-game activities for us to enjoy. More power to you guys!!

Peace out my friends!!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

My Online Goddess: GRACE BERNELLI

by Craeon Family

Message of Peace to everyone!!!

This article will tackle My Online Goddess, Grace Bernelli. Well, no doubt, I'm truly deeply madly crazy in LOVE with Gracie!!! And so, here it goes...(for you my princess...)

It was a cold evening when I saw a rugged sexy lady along the streets of Coimbra. Indeed, there was something special about her. Perhaps it was her lachrymose eyes, or her enchanting lips, or maybe her sexy hot rugged body. I can go on for days or even weeks to describe her marvelous physique and gemstone-like face. She was perfect in every way. And by that time, I don't know her yet. Even her name. But I knew right then, I loved her. This may be Love At First Sight, as many would say. But for me, it was serendipity. Destiny has brought us together!

True enough, I was new at the world of Granado Espada back then. I hardly know the whole map. I was as poor as a pauper begging for spare changes from other wealthy elites in the streets to supply my daily needs. And I barely win my fights with monsters and duels. I was just an aspiring prince waiting for my own princess to call for my help. But my heart was full of courage and hope that one day, I will become someone's knight in shining armor. Someone who will depend her own life with just my mere talents, skills, strength and wisdom. Never did I knew that it will happen sooner that I expected.

When I saw the gorgeous rugged lady at Coimbra, i told myself that I won't let the night end without knowing her name. I must admit, I was afraid. I was more afraid that night as compared when I fight monsters that come my way during my battles. My heart was pumping like hell as if there was a war going on inside me. But I was very determined and so I did approached her, talked to her as gentle as I can so as not to offend or scare her. Her face was like that of an angel. And it was the first time I saw her face to face. I could almost kiss her tender lips. There was something bothering her. I can tell it with her worried face. And I was right! She told me her problem and asked me for help. Yes!! She asked me for help!! That time, I was full of joy and excitement!! This is the start when my aspiration of becoming a knight in shining armor for a lady in distress will materialize. Indeed, it was an adventure I will endure for my princess.

The adventure was very long and tiring. But I did not felt any weakness or fatigue. As long as she was beside me at battle. I made sure that she was safe at all times and at all costs. Even if it shall cost my own life. Death is a better remedy than seeing my love get hurt from my very eyes. After hours of rigorous battles, we made it. It was a relief that we finished the mission successfully. She battled with finess and confidence. She was a GODDESS OF RIFLES!! She manages her rifle with ease and grace. It suits her name perfectly.It was the art of rifles. She was even beautiful while battling. I got bruises and cuts but it was the price I have to pay to give aid to my princess. Since then, we become close. I asked her to join my journey unravelling the world of Granado Espada and explore the mystifying challenges ahead of us. Luckily, she said yes! And all was history.

Some pictures of my adventures with her: (the wonderful memories coming back to life.. T_T)

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Peace Out My Friends!!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Granado Espada Philippines Commercial Launch Party: HISTORY WAS MADE

by Craeon Family

It was weeks ago when GE has announced the GE Philippines Commercial Launch Party. And since then, I was totally excited. I could hardly wait...to buy cards for g-pts, buy a limited edition box, and also to witness a once in a lifetime real-time GE party gimik!

It was September 15, 2007, in the time of our Lord, it seems like any other ordinary day. But in a few hours, history will be made in online-gaming!

This was the header invitation of Granado Espada for the event:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

As the invitation boldly shows, the event starts at 3pm. Even the in-game notices confirmed that the events will start at 3pm. However, rumors in our faction says that the event will start accomodating people at 10am or 11am. Well, there is an assured divine angel wings for the first 100 registrants! And we are but determined to win those wings! ...so we could fly! ~_^ fly baby fly!!! But it seems the weather prohibits my aspiration.

I slept early the night of September 14 to prepare for the launch party. I woke up at around 8am, unusually too early for my daily routine (i usually wake up at 10am to 12am because my class is still in the afternoon). I was really really really excited for the launch party. I ate breakfast and went straight to take my shower. At around 9am, I was already dressed to kill! ...ready to party! But as I was going down the stairs, the clouds started crying violently!! Oh yes!! It was raining cows and horses!! And so I opted to stay awhile and first let the clouds pacify themselves. Well, this clouds must have a big problem because it took about an hour and a half to stop crying!! It was already 10:30am and the travel would take about an hour depending on traffic. Numerically speaking, if the event does start at 10am or 11am, i am positive not to be the in the first 100 registrants. My bubble has exploded!! I was crushed!! My divine angel wings has flown without me!! T_T

I decided just to attend after my 2pm class. At least I'll witness the fun and excitement. And so I did. I could just save and buy the wings myself (although it would be really great if a get it free and especially from Hrin herself...well, maybe in my dreams..). My friends are going to the launch party at night. And sad to say, my dad did not let me. And so I need to go home early...time of my curfew coz its saturday. I rushed to the event because I want to experience the magnificense and grandice of the momentous event. To save time, I just called a taxi...its expensive considering the venue is around an hour travel time. But that was the cost I am willing to take. This is a once in a lifetime event. I can save again after this event. I don't want to be left behind.

It was indeed a great decision to come. My effort and money are worth it!! It was more than I have expected. The design of the place was enchanting. It was a shame that I forgot to bring our cam due my excitement. T_T Well anyways, my eyes were all that were needed to remember the event. I did not managed to join the missions but it was more than fun just watching the participants, the designs, the GE players, etc. And I can safely say that it was true that there are girls who are playing GE and also adults. *toink! hehehe.. Coz they would not have come to the party if they don't know GE. If I can just shout out loud there, I'll be bold enough to say that GRANADO ESPADA HAS MADE HISTORY THIS DAY! I have attended other online game events such as this but this was way more cooler and funner (if there is such a term)!! hahaha...

Hmmm.. Just as when i was typing this post, my friends texted (sms msg) me this:

"'tol, d2 na kmi. ang saya grabe! sana tumakas ka na lang! hehe.. ikwento na lang namin sayo bukas para mainggit ka lalo. =P"

Well, I envy them a lot...i mean a lot!! But not to the max because I have experienced a part of the it. And I am sure GE would have lots more of even more exciting events I can attend to. Better to follow my parents ayt?! haha.. Hmmm.. that was a pity defense but it makes a lot of sense.. haha..

GE Phillippines Grand Launch Party, I give you TWO THUMBS UP plus a HUGE SMILE!!! Thanks for a great event!! Until the next one...

Peace out!!!