Saturday, September 15, 2007

Granado Espada Philippines Commercial Launch Party: HISTORY WAS MADE

by Craeon Family

It was weeks ago when GE has announced the GE Philippines Commercial Launch Party. And since then, I was totally excited. I could hardly buy cards for g-pts, buy a limited edition box, and also to witness a once in a lifetime real-time GE party gimik!

It was September 15, 2007, in the time of our Lord, it seems like any other ordinary day. But in a few hours, history will be made in online-gaming!

This was the header invitation of Granado Espada for the event:

Image Hosted by

As the invitation boldly shows, the event starts at 3pm. Even the in-game notices confirmed that the events will start at 3pm. However, rumors in our faction says that the event will start accomodating people at 10am or 11am. Well, there is an assured divine angel wings for the first 100 registrants! And we are but determined to win those wings! we could fly! ~_^ fly baby fly!!! But it seems the weather prohibits my aspiration.

I slept early the night of September 14 to prepare for the launch party. I woke up at around 8am, unusually too early for my daily routine (i usually wake up at 10am to 12am because my class is still in the afternoon). I was really really really excited for the launch party. I ate breakfast and went straight to take my shower. At around 9am, I was already dressed to kill! ...ready to party! But as I was going down the stairs, the clouds started crying violently!! Oh yes!! It was raining cows and horses!! And so I opted to stay awhile and first let the clouds pacify themselves. Well, this clouds must have a big problem because it took about an hour and a half to stop crying!! It was already 10:30am and the travel would take about an hour depending on traffic. Numerically speaking, if the event does start at 10am or 11am, i am positive not to be the in the first 100 registrants. My bubble has exploded!! I was crushed!! My divine angel wings has flown without me!! T_T

I decided just to attend after my 2pm class. At least I'll witness the fun and excitement. And so I did. I could just save and buy the wings myself (although it would be really great if a get it free and especially from Hrin herself...well, maybe in my dreams..). My friends are going to the launch party at night. And sad to say, my dad did not let me. And so I need to go home early...time of my curfew coz its saturday. I rushed to the event because I want to experience the magnificense and grandice of the momentous event. To save time, I just called a taxi...its expensive considering the venue is around an hour travel time. But that was the cost I am willing to take. This is a once in a lifetime event. I can save again after this event. I don't want to be left behind.

It was indeed a great decision to come. My effort and money are worth it!! It was more than I have expected. The design of the place was enchanting. It was a shame that I forgot to bring our cam due my excitement. T_T Well anyways, my eyes were all that were needed to remember the event. I did not managed to join the missions but it was more than fun just watching the participants, the designs, the GE players, etc. And I can safely say that it was true that there are girls who are playing GE and also adults. *toink! hehehe.. Coz they would not have come to the party if they don't know GE. If I can just shout out loud there, I'll be bold enough to say that GRANADO ESPADA HAS MADE HISTORY THIS DAY! I have attended other online game events such as this but this was way more cooler and funner (if there is such a term)!! hahaha...

Hmmm.. Just as when i was typing this post, my friends texted (sms msg) me this:

"'tol, d2 na kmi. ang saya grabe! sana tumakas ka na lang! hehe.. ikwento na lang namin sayo bukas para mainggit ka lalo. =P"

Well, I envy them a lot...i mean a lot!! But not to the max because I have experienced a part of the it. And I am sure GE would have lots more of even more exciting events I can attend to. Better to follow my parents ayt?! haha.. Hmmm.. that was a pity defense but it makes a lot of sense.. haha..

GE Phillippines Grand Launch Party, I give you TWO THUMBS UP plus a HUGE SMILE!!! Thanks for a great event!! Until the next one...

Peace out!!!

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One word.. Great! Two words.. Very awesome!